We started in goats in 1963 in Santa Rosa, CA out of desperation as our son's health was bad. He had severe allergies to everything. Goat's milk was the only thing that he could tolorate. As we learned more about the goats, we grew to love and admire them. And so began our Love affair with the Nubian.

We have been out of goats for about 4 years, due to my health, so now we have a whole new herd and lines. We wanted to have animals that would do well in the ring as well as the milkroom. This was our benchmark for where we looked for our animals.

We are very thankful to the Goldthwaite herd of Colorado for our 2 yearlings, Mardigras and Gevalia. Also to the Red Eagle herd of Oklahoma for our other 2 yearlings, Ruby & Blondie, and our 2-Y-O milker, Isabella. We also have a yearling from Caprine Lodge and our buck, Smoothie, an AI son of Smooth Operator, is from the Formost herd of OK. Most of our lines are inter-related to Smooth Operator except for the Goldthwaite animals. They are out of the old lines I love so much that are powerful yet dairy.

Our animals are fed the best alfalfa hay we can find and a good grain that is high in protein for the milkers. The kids are raised on heat-treated colostum and pasturized milk. We will go on DHIR when the does freshen and will be Linear Appraised in 2000. We will also have our bucks collected in November, 2000 by Bio-Genetics.

We will have a few animals for sale next year. A deposit of $50 is required to reserve your kid. Balance due and kid to be picked up or shipped by six weeks of age, otherwise deposit will be forfeit. Please make a second choice. All shipping expenses, crate and air fare to be paid by purchaser. Health papers will cost $30. We offer a discount to those on DHIR, LA/HES and 4-Hers of $50. Visitors are welcome.

Jay & Barbara Hampton
Rt 1 Box 207-5
Duncan, OK 73533